Connecting People to Christ

So they may discover their own calling as disciples.

Improving and sustaining the heart of the UNL campus

Our Faith

We serve nearly 700 students from a variety of faith backgrounds each year. We understand that for many, this academic season is both challenging and developmental, and our goal is to come alongside to assist and affirm students in their journey.

Our Concern

Our current building has long outlived its usefulness. After 60+ years of constant use we’ve identified major roof leaks, ceiling disintegration, irreparable termite damage as well as a need to update our antiquated and inefficient facilities. 

Our Mission

Our desire is to fully utilize the space we have on UNL’s campus in a way that serves our community. We truly think that building a new facility will allow us to maintain our history and provide exceedingly more ministry opportunities to the student population.

LC Connections: Past & Present
January 12, 2018

Meet Monica

Monica Holle (Sorensen) is a 2012 alumna of the Lutheran Center who currently serves on the Governance Council. As we find every year, there are students looking for a place to worship away from home. As a freshman, Monica was looking for just that,…
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January 9, 2018

The Robe

I was baptized on the last day of 1978 at First Presbyterian Church in Hastings, Nebraska. I obviously don’t remember it, as I was a little over two months old.  But I’m stubborn, so I try to remember it anyway. I try to remember…
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January 8, 2018

Lenten Devo Writers

This publication is a great way to share our faith as a community. We welcome student, alumni, and supporters to write for the devotional, thus creating a more diverse glimpse into the Christian faith. This year's theme is Renewing the Garden: God's Plea for Creation. Vicar Ashlin…
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December 20, 2017

Pillar of Fire 2018

This year's most epic Pillar of Fire will take place Friday, Feb 2 - Saturday, Feb 3, 2018. It will be held once again at Camp Carol Joy Holling. All college students are welcome. To learn much more and to register, click here.
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December 7, 2017

Board Games

Board games. Thursday, December 14, 2 - 6 pm in the LC lounge. Snacks. Laughter. Supreme game domination. Everyone welcome.
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Connecting people to Christ, so they may discover their own calling as disciples.