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January 2018

Meet Monica

By | LC Connections: Past & Present

Monica Holle (Sorensen) is a 2012 alumna of the Lutheran Center who currently serves on the Governance Council. As we find every year, there are students looking for a place to worship away from home. As a freshman, Monica was looking for just that,…

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The Robe

By | Perspective

I was baptized on the last day of 1978 at First Presbyterian Church in Hastings, Nebraska. I obviously don’t remember it, as I was a little over two months old.  But I’m stubborn, so I try to remember it anyway. I try to remember…

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Lenten Devo Writers

By | Devotional, News

This publication is a great way to share our faith as a community. We welcome student, alumni, and supporters to write for the devotional, thus creating a more diverse glimpse into the Christian faith. This year’s theme is Renewing the Garden: God’s Plea for Creation. Vicar Ashlin…

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